Virtual Reality Holiday Programme

Kids can have fun coding 3D virtual and augmented reality via CoSpaces, a platform that is specially designed for kids to learn coding and gets creative. Kids will also learn to build and code WeDo lego robotics, and understand the Science concepts behind.

360 Virtual Tours

Ever wonder how to create a virtual tour? This course will teach kids how to design and code educational 360° virtual tours. Kids will also learn to add text and even create quizzes for their virtual tour.

3D Virtual & Augmented Reality

Using CoBlocks, a visual block-based coding language, kids can easily program 3D virtual animations
while having fun!
Augmented Reality(AR) lets students project their own creations onto any plane surface in the real world, by looking through the screen of their device. Kids will learn to build AR program and learn Science through our game designing and development.

WeDo Lego Robotics

Lego WeDo was created to enhance students' curiosity and science skills. In this programme, kids can have fun to build, program and design a WeDo robot based on a science theme. Kids will also collaborate in group to solve a fun robotic science challenges!