The Impact of Learning Basic Scratch Coding at an Early Age

The Impact of Learning Basic Scratch Coding at an Early Age

In this era of the internet and computers, basic computational and information technology (IT) skills are becoming increasingly important. This is especially true for young children who must face a technological future. 

As parents, it is imperative that you equip your children with the necessary skills early on in life. One of the most useful skills in IT is programming. Fortunately, there are many programs introducing young children to the art and skill of programming available. 

If you’re looking to send your children for coding classes, consider Scratch coding or Scratch by MIT. 

What is Scratch by MIT?

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Scratch is a platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to teach basic coding to kids. It also has a fun and lighthearted community whereby children use block coding to create games, animation, interactive plots and stories. 

The children who use Scratch are able to share their creations with others on the platform, and get feedback on it too. At the same time, they can interact with the creations shared by others to gain ideas and inspiration. 

Scratch was designed for children aged 8 to 16, but those as young as 4 can already learn to use the simpler code applications. 

Scratch Coding’s Effect on Young Children

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Children from the ages of 4 to 10 experience rapid cognitive development during this stage in their lives. They are able to absorb and process information relatively quickly. Here are some aspects of your child that will be positively impacted by Scratch coding.

1. Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical reasoning is the core skill needed for learning and applying mathematics. Young children need to be able to extrapolate from basic mathematical principles and use logical reasoning to come up with solutions to various similar situations. Although Scratch coding doesn’t outrightly teach mathematics, the logic behind its use helps your child grasp mathematical concepts and mathematical reasoning. 

2. Enhanced Computational Thinking Skills

Computational thinking is a branch of educational development that is separate from programming and computer sciences. It extends to many parts of academic life including the arts, social sciences, relationships, and so on. In essence, it presents problems and their solutions in a way a computer does. Parts of computation thinking include decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithms and generalisation. 

3. Increased Problem Solving Skills

Scratch coding enables young children to be resourceful and understand the different ways a problem can be solved. They will also be able to organise problems into smaller tasks that need to be resolved. This prepares them for more complex challenges later on. 

4. Building Mental Strength

When it comes to Scratch coding, children are allowed to build their own fun little creations. Along the way, they may encounter challenges or a dead end. These situations allow children to push through and find resolutions. They feel encouraged by the end products of their coding adventures and learn not to give up easily. 

5. Encouraging Creativity

The Scratch coding platform lets kids create their own stories and games, so they have free reign to express themselves. The interface allows them to pick different characters and then use block codes to direct the characters’ movements and actions. This lets them come up with their own adventures while they explore the world of Scratch together with their friends. 

Scratch Coding Develops Mental and Social Capabilities

Unsurprisingly, learning basic coding at a young age has a wide variety of benefits. This includes developing cognitive, computational, creative and social skills. All of which will be immensely useful as they grow up, whether it’s in their school lives or beyond. Additionally, they will be able to better prepare themselves for a world where technology is rapidly developing. 

If you’re a parent looking for basic Scratch coding classes for your child, feel free to contact us for a trial session. Besides coding, STEM Genius also offers robotics classes for 4 year olds and above. 

Interested in more coding insights? Check out our guide on picking a coding class for your kids.

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