Roblox Coding Classes for Kids | STEM Genius | Singapore

Roblox Coding Classes for Kids | STEM Genius | Singapore

According to a 2021 survey conducted by multinational conglomerate 3M, more than 60 percent of Singaporeans became more motivated to possibly pursue a career in a STEM field because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Among millennials aged 25 to 40, the number was even higher – over 70 percent. What’s more, nearly all Singaporeans believe that improving diversity in STEM fields is vital, with around 90 percent saying that women should be more strongly encouraged to pursue STEM studies, and that corporations should play a key role in this. 

What’s the overarching message behind all of this? Simply this: that interest in STEM is currently very high, and that both individuals and corporations have a part to play in maintaining and improving this level of engagement. We’re riding on a strong trend of renewed attention towards STEM, and we need to do everything possible to encourage young learners who are interested in these fields. 

With the bulk of the interest coming from the younger generation, there is no better time than now to support our kids when we notice their interest in STEM topics such as programming and coding. 

What are some of the skills that kids can learn from coding classes?


      • Creating tangible productions in an enjoyable way – resulting in a lifelong love for learning and creating

      • Development of creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will be invaluable no matter what career they end up in

      • General improvement of technology literacy and level of comfort with various high-tech tools

      • Practice in collaboration with peers and communication with other kids as well as adults

    As kids become more experienced and move into their teenage years, they can start experimenting with various coding programs and classes. One way we can facilitate this is by hosting Roblox coding classes for kids.

    Roblox is a free-to-play online platform where kids can code, play, and share games with each other. It serves as the perfect venue for kids to learn all of the skills described above, and more: they’ll be able to create, test, and refine their own games while improving creativity along the way; they’ll gain more experience with technology and its related tools; and they’ll share and collaborate with others in their peer group within an environment built specifically for that purpose.

    STEM Genius has crafted courses designed to impart all of these values and knowledge onto kids who show scientific aptitude, using Roblox as well as other programs and coding classes. 

    Here’s what our team of educators has to offer for your budding young genius:

    Weekly Coding Classes

    4-5 years old

    Our 90-minute Junior Coding and Robotics class lets very young kids make their own animations, stories, and games. It serves as an introduction to the concept of having fun while also creating things, using age-appropriate tools such as Educational Coding Robot and the MIT Scratch Junior App.

    [Register for Junior Coding and Robotics]

    6 to 11 years old

    The Kids’ Creative Coding class offered at this level is based on the curriculum at Harvard’s Creative Computing Lab. Kids will now be using Scratch, a visual programming language that allows them to create and share interactive media, similar to the previous level. At this stage, they will also be encouraged to use Design Thinking principles to think about and solve real-world science problems. 

    [Register for Kids’ Creative Coding]

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