Wheelson – DIY AI Self Driving Car


Suitable for age: 11 years old and up.

Build & Code Your Own Artificial Intelligence robot car,No prior knowledge needed.

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Small But Powerful

Although we are yet to discover all about electric cars and their perks, Wheelson already does all the magic. Explore everything that one can do and enjoy the ride!

Never loses a sense

Detect traffic lights, measure the distance, track other vehicles, read QR codes and look for pedestrians. With lidar sensors, thermal cameras, and HDR sensors, your autonomous car will never know of a bumpy ride.

Robot car toy with super vision

Discover Wheelsons computer vision — an algorithm that determines a specific action based on a camera’s video feed. With machine learning, this car detects its surroundings even in the dark. For extra fun, pair and navigate it with ByteBoi!

Hardware skills

  • Components of an autonomous robot car
  • Electromotors and battery management circuits
  • Sensors and camera calibration

Coding skills

  • Coding in Python & CircuitBlocks
  • Autonomous navigation and driving
  • QR code scanning
  • Object recognition and image processing


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