Makeblock Halocode Kit


Suitable for age: 10 years old and up.

Key Features

  • Support Scratch programming and enable kids to learn to code is just like building blocks
  • Easy transition to Python programming, progress from beginner to expert
  • Experience machine learning, AI, IoT
  • Multiple functions such as voice control, WiFi, and more
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Built-in Wi-Fi modules, for everyday creations 

Easy IoT applications by using mBlock software to connect to the Internet and create simple, smart home devices. Different Wi-Fi modules enable “wireless” or even “limitless” connections between multiple Halocodes, meaning they can provide creative effects

Support AI speech recognition

Featuring a microphone module and supporting mBlock-integrated Microsoft Cognitive Services, Halocode makes AI speech recognition super-easy to use. Students can learn to apply this cutting-edge technology by creating a fun, interactive playmate or voice-activated device.

Integrate various sensors for electronic projects

Offering all sensors needed to lead Halocode “sensory”, a variety of sensors are embedded onto a circuit board with only 45mm in diameter. Thus, Halocode can respond to touch, sound and movement via programming. An ideal elementary device for your electronic projects such as a wearable fitness watch for step tracking.

Coding made easy with multi-thread programming

4MB of memory and an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor empower Halocode powerful computing capabilities. It puts the “creative” back in creation, by allowing multiple programs to run simultaneously and synchronising complex and diverse functions. For example, an art installation of a kitten that simultaneously blinks and wags its tail.


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