Kids Introductory Coding and Robotics Class | STEM Genius

Kids Introductory Coding and Robotics Class | STEM Genius

Building a foundation for success in the 21st Century


About STEM Genius

STEM Genius is committed to cultivating the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers by nurturing critical skills vital to thriving in a 21st Century socio-economic landscape. We differentiate ourselves through an emphasis on making STEM education fun as well as meaningful to our student’s personal and professional development.

Kids Coding & Robotics Introductory Program

The basis for our Kids Coding & Robotics Introductory Program is to provide kids with a foundation to step into and thrive in an environment that rewards science, technology, engineering, and maths skills (STEM). 

In the first half of this course, your kids will be guided through the basic fundamentals of programming, from sequencing to loops, if (or) else conditions, algorithms, and more, before finally learning how to create simple animations. 

During the second half of the program, we introduce educational robots. At this stage, we’ll teach them how to program the robots and challenge them to solve complex problems creatively.


What Makes Our Introductory Class Unique?

Despite a strong emphasis on making our courses both fun and engaging, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the quality and relevance of our courses to student development. Our unique curriculum is based on established education standards such as Harvard Creative Computing, Google Computer Science (CS First), and MOE science syllabus. 

We strive to foster an environment where kids can learn by exploration and where they can feel free to exercise their creativity from concept to implementation.

21st Century Skills

In the 21st century, coding and robotics are poised to play a larger role in a diverse number of industries, from medicine all the way to agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

Skills such as critical thinking, communication, literacy, numeracy, and collaboration are vital to thriving in such a landscape, and by participating in our introductory coding and robotics class, your kids will have a head start in acquiring these skills.

1. Critical thinking

Challenging kids to think outside the box or analyse problems and solutions deeply.

2. Communication

Providing room for kids to express their ideas and perspectives creatively.

3. Literacy and Numeracy

Preparing kids to thrive in a workforce that values computational thinking, mathematics, and digital skills.

4. Collaboration

In an increasingly globalised world, kids who grow to work well alone and in teams are desired for the contribution they bring to the classroom, their peers and their careers.

The STEM Genius DNA

Accredited by STEM.org Harvard Creative Computing Stanford Design Thinking Immersive Learning
We are the first institution in Singapore to be accredited by STEM.org Curriculum designed by Creative Computing Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Our classes incorporate Stanford Design Thinking to develop a kid’s creativity towards problem-solving Students get to learn STEM through virtual and augmented reality.

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