Kids Coding Holiday Class

Looking for a focused and accelerated learning for your child this holiday to pick up a skill in creative computing with Scratch? Our Kids Holiday Coding Class will just be right for them, covering fluency with computational creativity and computational thinking in 3 days. 

 Our class’s activities encourage exploration of key computational thinking concepts (Design Thinking) and key computational thinking practice (experimenting and iterating, testing and debugging, reusing and remixing).

Join us today to let them be inspired tomorrow.  

Structured using Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Scratch

Equip your child with the soft and tech skills in our program using Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Scratch to introduce the powerful ideas from computer science. It will help them to understand the world which is more tech-driven than ever in this 21st century.

Fun filled Class Activities

Kids will be using Scratch to practice the skills in a creative and open-ended way. Our program is developed for them to practice critical thinking skills yet allowing them to exercise their creativity. They will be equipped with a friendly and usable tool where they can use it as a playground for their minds.

Design Thinking

In our program, your child will learn to apply the 5-steps of the Stanford University design thinking process to solve challenges set in our activities. It is a strong process that takes them beyond effective communication and to create better sharing experiences and content creations to bring about new innovations.