3 Reasons Why Your Kids Would Enjoy Taking a Robotics Course

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Would Enjoy Taking a Robotics Course

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Would Enjoy Taking a Robotics Course Stem Genius scaled

It’s no surprise that kids love to explore, play, and tinker with exciting new things. As parents, it is natural to indulge them. But what if you could help them channel their natural energy, curiosity, and creativity into something that might become a great future career for them – something like robotics?

While many countries certainly offer robotics courses for kids, Singapore stands with the best for making STEM education fun and exciting. Here are three reasons why your kids would enjoy taking a robotics course

1. Singapore Recognises the Potential of Robotics for Numerous Industries

Robot assistants may one day help various professionals with their daily tasks, in handling fragile objects, and doing more work in an efficient and effective manner. In fact, Singapore’s National Robotics Programme is performing research on the application of robotics in fields such as healthcare, logistics, and food preparation

In the construction industry, for example, developments in robotics can offer a way to reduce the number of labourers necessary, improve their productivity and safety, and provide new options for the maintenance of buildings. 

For healthcare professionals in particular, the potential of robotics is exciting: imagine automated assistance for the care and rehabilitation of patients, the ability to constantly monitor vital signs and administer medication as needed, robotic assistance with surgical procedures, and more. 

So how exactly does all of this translate to your kids enjoying robotics courses? As part of the national drive to make the potential of robotics available for all, many courses, libraries, and tutorials are available for Singaporeans interested in studying this technology, even if they don’t yet know where to start with their own learning journey. Kids of any age who wish to learn more about robotics (or computer sciences, or coding) will be able to find something fun and suitable for their level.

2. Learning Programmes Allow Kids to Explore Robotics from a Very Young Age

Learning Programmes Allow Kids to Explore Robotics from a Very Young Age Stem Genius scaled

As early as pre-school, kids in Singapore have the opportunity to explore and experiment with tools that get them thinking about coding. 

In 2016, a learning programme called Playmaker was introduced in over a hundred local pre-schools. Kids at these schools were also encouraged to play with toys based on robotics, such as the BeeBot (which helped them improve language, mathematics, and logic skills) and the Kibo (which taught kids about logical sequencing and how to give instructions). 

Even humanoid robots were part of the fun, with robots named Pepper and Nao deployed to both entertain young kids and teach them in various classes. 

3. Singapore Provides Classes and Infrastructure Solely Dedicated to Robotics Education

Being able to study coding and robotics as part of a general education is one thing. But what if your kids were allowed to focus solely on these subjects?

Even before robotics was being offered in classrooms, special enrichment centres in Singapore were already providing these classes as part of their regular programs or as holiday workshops. This trend continued over time, and now entire centres exist which are dedicated solely to classes for coding, computer programming, and robotics. Kids as young as five years old are allowed to learn in these centres, being given exercises such as creating games on laptops and other devices, or even building their own simple robots – ensuring that they receive an educational experience that is both effective and fun.

Get Your Kids Started with a Robotics Course

With so many options and tools on your side for giving your kids a great education for robotics, there’s never been a better time to start their journey.

At STEM Genius, we offer weekly robotics classes for kids at a variety of ages and levels. We’ll give them an immersive learning experience that teaches them 21st-century competencies such as critical and computational thinking, communication and presentation skills, and collaboration skills to help them get along with their peers. 

What about moving beyond just robotics? We also offer weekly coding classes, allowing kids to use simple, age-appropriate tools like Scratch to help them develop the same 21st-century skills they need. 

Want to learn more about STEM Genius and what we can do for your kids? Check out our blog, see our mission and meet our team members, or contact us directly

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