3 Benefits of Coding Classes

3 Benefits of Coding Classes

3 Benefits of Coding Classes - Stem Genius

In a highly modernised and digital business world, learning high-tech skills can facilitate success. Why not begin developing these skills – and therefore ensure a good life for your children – as early as possible? 

An early education in coding can help young students develop important skills and competencies. Going even further, taking coding classes from the best possible source can provide additional benefits to young learners. Why is this, exactly?

To answer this question, let’s examine a few benefits of coding classes.

1. Coding Classes Facilitate the Development of Essential 21st-Century Skills

Apart from the technical aspects of actually learning how to write computer code, taking coding classes provides another, more general benefit for students: the development of 21st-century competencies. This development is a specific goal of Singapore’s Ministry of Education, which means that classes taught in Singapore are designed to foster the development of these skills. 

But what exactly are 21st-century competencies? In part, these are core values such as responsibility, resilience, and integrity. However, more relevant to us at the moment are the 21st-century skills and habits that are useful in the modern, globalised business landscape – a landscape which features heavy use of computers and digital modes of work. 

Useful 21st-century competencies that students of a coding class can obtain include:

  1. The ability to think critically and think outside the box, or think inventively about problems and solutions
  2. An early start with literacy and numeracy (the ability to understand, reason with, and apply concepts related to words and numbers)
  3. Computational thinking (the application of concepts learned in computer science in order to solve problems in other fields)
  4. A solid grasp of mathematics, potentially at a higher level than students who are not exposed to coding or computer science 
  5. Other digital skills such as data analysis 

While these skills can be learned from other places, learning all of them from a single source is one of the benefits of coding classes.

2. Coding Classes Can Help Students Develop Social Skills

Part and parcel of a modern, highly digitised world is the increasing importance of collaboration – a skill that is also valued by the Singaporean Ministry of Education. In an environment where different aspects of work can be connected in complicated cause-and-effect relationships, it is vital for future workers to develop good collaboration skills. 

Learning how to work alone with computers is all well and good, but a truly well-rounded coding class will also teach students that what they create can have an effect on other things and other people, and how to work constructively with this reality. 

In other words, a good coding class will also provide valuable experience in working with other people to create something great for everyone – a form of social development.


3. Coding Classes Provide Early Exposure to Real-World Programming Languages

One of the obvious and direct benefits of a coding class is that it provides young students with early exposure to programming languages that are used in the business world. The early exposure will translate to more practice time, which will surely give these students a head start that will benefit them if they pursue a career in a STEM field later in life.

At STEM Genius, learners begin their coding journey with a program called Scratch, a visual programming language created at MIT Media Lab and designed to teach kids how to code. Teaching Scratch coding to kids has numerous benefits, including the encouragement of creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Once kids become more adept at coding, they can be introduced to mainstream programming languages such as Python and Javascript. They will begin to learn the nuts and bolts of true programming, starting with coding fundamentals like loops and functions, and creating useful and fun applications using these languages. 

Are You Ready to Let Your Kids Reap the Benefits of Coding Classes?

Part of being a parent means exploring every avenue to prepare kids to succeed in life. We hope the aforementioned benefits demonstrate the importance of coding classes not just in their professional lives but in their personal lives as well. With these classes, kids can learn not only skills to help them succeed professionally, but also values such as collaboration and critical thinking that will make them good citizens and good people.

At STEM Genius, we provide coding and robotics classes for young learners of various ages. We teach multiple programming languages in order to give your kids early exposure and practice. And we do all of this to help them develop 21st-century competencies that will surely be of help to them later in life. 

Want to find out more about how coding and robotics can prepare your kids for the future? Check out our blog for more information. Are you ready to get your kids started on learning essential 21st-century skills? Contact us today.

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